"It is not often you are able to endorse a man's ministry without any reservation whatsoever.  It is a delight for me to do so for Evangelist Glen "Shorty" Shank.  I have known Shorty and his wife, Jennifer, for a number of years as she grew up in our church and both are graduates of our academy.  Shorty has always had an excellent spirit about him and is held in high esteem by his peers and all who know him.  As a relatively young man in the ministry, he is a gifted expositor of the Word of God and has the unique ability to preach in a congenial yet convicting manner.  You never listen to Shorty without having a greater appreciation of your God and a burning desire to have a right relationship with Him.  Shorty is theologically accurate in his preaching and is biblically sound.  His family is a tremendous asset to his ministry and to his testimony as a wonderful husband and father.  I could not do a better service for your church or ministry than to recommend that you consider inviting Evangelist Glen "Shorty" Shank for your next evangelistic meeting, conference, or camp event.  I am convinced you would also have no problem recommending him to your friends and fellow laborers in the Lord's work.                                                                                                ~ Daryl Jeffers                                                           

Evangelist Glen Shank, his wife Jennifer, and their children have been serving in the ministry of Rapidan Baptist Camp since the summer of 2012.  They have been an invaluable asset to both this camp ministry and to my family as well.  He and his family are marked with a spirit of excellence, love, kindnes and joy.  Glen has a strong desire to glorify Jesus Christ and build His church.  Our camp ministry continues to greatly benefit from Shank Family Ministries.  Glen is an outstanding speaker that rightly divides the Word of truth.  His messages are profitable and bring reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness.  As a camp directotr that has heard 100's of speakers, I find his preaching received well and easily understood by the unsaved, as well as the very young and mature believers.  I hignly recommend him as a guest speaker for your church or ministry.                                                      ~ Kelly Earles                                                           

"I enjoy the ministry of an evangelist who understands pastoral ministry.  Such an individual does not have a theoretical comprehension of the inner workings of a local church, but a realistic grasp of the ups and downs confronting every church family.  Pastor Shank joined our staff in 2000 after serving as the college representative for Maranatha Baptist Bible College.  We gave him the all-encompassing title of "assistant pastor".  The next eleven years afforded him the opportunity to work with the teens, lead music, teach in our Christian school, coach sports teams, and perform a broad array of pastoral duties.  Pastor Shank's life and ministry help him understand the human heart and the struggles every man faces.  That kind of man cannot only identify with man, but can compassionately confront them with God's Word.  As the Shank's ministry came to a close here, the Lord rekindled a burden for evangelism.  I look forward to how God will continue to  use them.  He has been and continues to be a good friend, co-laborer in ministry, and one who has a keen understanding of local church ministry.  Their experience, abilities, family, and grounded preaching will be a blessing to your church family."    ~Doug Wright                                             

"It was our privilege to conduct evangelistic meetings with Brother Glen Shank as our special speaker.  He and his family came and spent a week with us and were a genuine blessing to our church family.  Brother Shank's sincerity and burden for the Great Commission has always been evident and his passion for God's Word is refreshing and he delivers the message of the Gospel with God-given authority. Brother Shank has been a personal blessing to me through the years as Youth Pastor and Teacher and has wisdom beyond his years.  He is a man who has dedicated his life to the work of the ministry, persevered in a challenging environment, and has proven to be steadfast to his calling.  He does not compromise nor is he ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He shares the joy of His Lord and Savior as he ministers with the gift of music as well.  I sincerely recommend and encourage you to consider the Shank family for a week of meetings at your church.  We saw genuine decisions during his week with us and he was used as a stabilizer to an unsettled ministry.  May God bless you and your ministry."                                                                                              

"Several years ago, the Lord allowed my wife and me the privilege of coming to know, serve with, and befriend "Shorty" and Jennnifer Shank.  During those years of service together, we grew to know them well.  While "Shorty" is evidently skilled, talented, passionate, funny, and friendly, he most impresses me in three key areas:  he loves his God, he loves his family, and he loves God's people (the church).  Since all of these are true of him, he might best, and most fully, be described as a servant.  Because I know "Shorty" to be this kind of man, it is not only my joy to call him friend, but also to recommend this man of God to serve you and your ministry as a faithful preacher of God's Word and servant of God's people."                              ~ Pastor Joe Henson III                                                                               

"Glen Shank has been a blessing and encouragement to our ministry.  We continually pray that the Lord will use His Word in the lives of our students so that they will continue to serve Him.  We have witnessed this in the lives of Glen and Jennifer.  We have had contact with them and the ministries in which they have served and have seen a love for ministry, for people, and for the Lord.  As he has shared his heart for this call to evangelism, we have seen a genuine submission to the will of God and a preparedness to follow God's leading.  We have had Glen come to our church and our school and conduct services in the church and preach to the students in our school.  He did an excellent job and is more than capable of ministering to adults as well as young people.  He has an understanding of the Word of God and does an excellent job of applying it in a complete and understandable fashion.  I would encourage you to have Glen and his family come to your church or school.  He will be greatly used of the Lord."                             

"I have known Glen (Shorty) Shank for the last 25+ years and I gladly testify of his love for Christ and his personal integrity.  Glen enjoys people and handles God's Word with accuracy, clarity and power.  God is using him and his family for the advance of the church of Jesus Christ.  If you desire to expose your church to Biblical truth and godly examples, you will not regret asking the Shank family to minister in your church"                                                                                              

"I have known Shorty since his time as a Maranatha student.  I was pleased to employ Shorty and his wife, Jennifer, as traveling College representatives following his graduation.  We have maintained contact since then, and I have been continually impressed by Shorty's faithfulness to his family, his local church ministry, his diligent study of God's Word, and his consistent stand for truth and righteousness.  The years of experience as an assistant pastor have given Shorty a clear understanding of a local church congregation's needs.  I have no doubt that God will use Shorty well in his new full time evangelism ministry."                                                                ~ Dr. Jim Harrison

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