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Shank Family Ministries (SFM) is a non-profit corporation organized for the purpose of aiding the local church and other ministries in the evangelization of the lost, the edification of believers in their walk with God, and the encouragement of church leaders through the proclamation of God's Word and the protection of Biblical truth.  


Glen (Shorty) Shank

I am thankful for the privilege to grow up in a Christian home and coming to know the Lord as Savior at an early age. After listening to a message in a Christian school chapel, I was counseled by the pastor and I trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior.  Growing up in a Christian family and Bible preaching church I was exposed to solid biblical teaching and training on a regular basis.  As a young boy I sensed God calling me into full-time ministry.  Later, as a teenage boy working on staff at a Christian camp, I submitted my life to full-time Christian service and began to pray for God's direction to a specific ministry in the future.  The following summer I yielded to God's call to the ministry of evangelism.   

Since that time, God has used many people and events to prepare us for this exciting ministry.  It is a humbling reality to consider that God would choose to use a selfish and sinful vessel and transform it into an instrument that He can use for His glory.  I am thankful for His patient and perfecting work in my life and look forward to being used in His service in the future.   

Jennifer Shank

I count it a great privilege to have grown up in a Christian home. Some of my earliest memories are from church services or activities. At the age of five, I made a profession of faith after a Wednesday night children’s meeting. Several years later I followed the Lord in believers baptism. The Lord has greatly used solid Christian camps to challenge and encourage me in my walk with the Lord. Two specific times were in 1990 when I dedicated my life to serve the Lord in any area He chose, and in 1996 when I made assurance of my salvation.

I have enjoyed being very involved in various ministries of the local church — playing piano, singing in choir and special music groups, teaching Sunday School and Jr. Church or children’s groups, camps, and nursery. As I continue to serve and grow in the Lord I am humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to impact lives for the Lord.

Our Children:  God has blessed us with four children.  Our prayer is for wisdom to raise them up "in the nurture and admonition of the Lord". 

Meghan, our oldest daughter (05/05/02), gave us the privilege of learning to see that God’s timing and plan is always best. Being born almost ten weeks premature, God allowed her birth to be a time for us to be used as a witness for Him to many other families of premature babies. Now, years later, God continues to use His working in her life to be a testimony of His faithfulness. Meghan, healthy and growing, has trusted Christ and we are thankful that God has placed within her heart a desire to be used by Him. She enjoys singing and playing the piano.

Joseph, our "little man" (9/26/04), has also made a profession of faith and we pray he will be used in service for God. Joseph enjoys singing, playing the piano, and playing any sport that involves a ball.

Katelyn, our third blessing from the Lord (8/17/06), knows no stranger. She is typically very friendly and enjoys making new friends quickly. Her cheerful spirit is a great encouragement to us and we are thankful for her being part of our family. Katelyn enjoys singing and has recently begun to show interest in playing the violin.

Laina is our fourth child (12/29/09) and she enjoys singing and making new friends.  Laina enjoys playing with her baby dolls, coloring and making up new words to her favorite songs.  

Testimonies & Background: Our Story:

Shorty and Jennifer met in high school.  They both attended and graduated from Calvary Baptist Academy (Clymer, PA).  Shorty graduated in 1994 and attended Maranatha Baptist Bible College in the fall of 1994.  Jennifer would graduate in 1996 and began attending Maranatha in the fall.   During their college years, both were active in their local church and served in multiple areas of ministry.  Shorty finished his Biblical Studies degree in 1998 and Jennifer completed her Early Childhood Degree in 1999.  They were then married in June, 1999. 

After his graduation in 1998, Shorty served on staff at MBBC as the College Representative.  After their marriage in 1999, Shorty and Jennifer would continue to travel for MBBC as a couple.  It was during this time that the Lord allowed Shorty and Jennifer to visit Keystone Baptist Church and they later agreed to serve on staff at Keystone.  They served at Keystone from 2000 to 2012. 

While at Keystone, Shorty and Jennifer served in many areas of ministry.  Through his years as Assistant Pastor, Shorty has filled the roles of youth and music pastor, choir director, counselor, teacher, outreach and discipleship coordinator, Senior Saints ministry director, children's ministry director, summer camp director, as well as teacher, guidance counselor, and coach in the church academy.   Jennifer, while assisting Shorty in these areas, has served as pianist, counselor, ladies' Bible study and Sunday School teacher, nursery director, special meetings and group coordinator, teacher and coach in the church academy, and KCA Preschool Director.

During their time at Keystone God blessed Shorty and Jennifer with four children:  Meghan ('02), Joseph ('04), Katelyn ('06), and Laina ('09).  It is a privilege to serve God together as a family.  It has always been a goal to incorporate their children into the ministry and teach them that God desires to use them now.  For that reason, they have been involved in activity preparation, activities, various outreach opportunities, mission trips, and much more.  The family is excited about God's leading and about serving God in this new ministry opportunity.

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